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A wedding film is not just simply something to watch, but something to be experienced. 

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on your engagement!

Your wedding day is one of those special occasions in life that marks the beginning of your adventure together, not as "I" or "you", but as "us". Every couple is unique with their own stories and memories building up to that special moment when you say those famous words, "I do". We love doing what we do best... telling love stories in their own unique way.


Our approach is all about simplicity. We capture moments, both big and small to provide you with an immersive viewing experience. We capture the smiles, the tears and the bits inbetween.

If you want a wedding film that truly showcases your wedding day in a unique and elegant way, then shoot us a message and let's create something special together.

Meet Alex


Creative and a bit of a perfectionist.

I've always been fascinated by film and storytelling from a young age, and what better story to tell than the story of two individuals, coming together to share the greatest emotion of all... Love.

Yes, I am a bit of a romantic myself if you hadn't already noticed. From working in Videography for a number of years now, I've developed my own style, striving to create film-like quality whilst capturing raw, organic moments on camera.


When I'm not being a camera nerd, I enjoy travelling, consuming peanut butter and working on numerous passion projects in my spare time. You will normally find me in a tropical location, taking pictures of my beer with the sunset in the background. #influencer. 

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Meet Natalie


Hey I’m Natalie, lover of food, palm trees and late night drives. My childhood was fairly adventurous and I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing countries.


This is why my ideal day would be laying by the pool in Jamaica, cocktail in hand, pepperoni pizza nearby, watching the sunset. I have spent years working in the wedding industry so I know how much detail and time goes into planning your special day.


Where Alex brings the expertise, I bring the woman's perspective which means never missing those special moments.

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